instructors BannerWe are very lucky to have secured Yukimura Haruki for 4 days of classes in mid March before he flies down to Melbourne. This is also the first time Sydney and Melbourne rope dojos have teamed up to bring one of Japan’s most famous Nawashi to the country, hopefully it will be the first of many.

Yukimura sensei is a very inspiring man, in his mid eighties, he has seen the progression of Shibari for some of it’s earliest beginnings and in that time he has developed his own sensual style of rope he calls Nawaza or the caressing style.

Shibari is often referred to as a sensual and connective art, Yukimura’s style of tying embodies that exact concept, with a strong focus on body language and feel. Tickets will be available soon.

15th – 18th March 2014

$300 Individual day
$500 Two days

Tickets can be purchased here