Why do some women like to be tied up during sex?

Why do some women like to be tied up during sex?

Some women enjoy being tied up during sex because it feels more intense for them

What do you think of when you hear the term “tied up”? Probably some naughty things, right? Well, as it turns out, there are a few women out there who enjoy being tied up during sex. Why is this? What does it feel like? Read on to find out.

Some women like the feeling of not being able to move

Some women like the feeling of not being able to move. It can be a sign of trust and intimacy for them. They may find it thrilling to feel helpless in the hands of their partner. Some women also enjoy being restrained because it feels extra naughty and taboo. In some cases, women who like to be tied up might have been sexually abused as children or have experienced violence in their lives.

Some women like being helpless during sex

Some women like to be tied up during sex because it makes them feel helpless. It turns them on to know that they can't do anything to escape or resist. This gives them complete control over their partner, which is something they may find especially erotic.

Some women like to be helpless during sex. They enjoy feeling powerless and in control of their partner. This type of dynamic can be especially arousing for some women because it gives them the sense that they are in charge. For others, being tied up during sex can simply provide a new level of excitement. There is something about not being able to move that leaves you almost breathless with anticipation.


There is no one answer to this question since everyone enjoys different things during sex. However, some women may enjoy the feeling of being restrained while others may find it arousing to be completely helpless. Whether you are the one restraining your partner or they are taking control, communication is key to ensure that both parties are happy and enjoying their time together.

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