Dojo Ettiquette

Dojo Etiquette

The following guidelines have been loosely based on the rules of Edo (courtesy of Shigonawa Bingo and Rida).

 Entering the Dojo

Be on time, interrupting the class and wasting the time of both student and teacher is poor form. If it is unavoidable text the the teacher rather than ringing the bell and wait patiently to be let in, distract from the class as little as possible.

Remove your shoes at the door, it shows respect for the teacher and the dojo.

Keeping the Peace

Be the first to apologise, whether it was your fault or not, the air will clear immediately bringing peace to the class and returning the focus to learning.

Make space for others, at times there will be a small amount of space for everyone, don’t be greedy or unaware, keep your rope close and use small movements, make space for everyone

Keep voices down and don’t interrupt others, dojo is a small space and voices quickly fill it and obsure the teacher, keep voices down and talk as little as possible

At times other will need help, only provide it for topics you have been graded on and know well, things tought improperly hinder both the teacher and the student

Don’t oppose needlessly, don’t start sentences with “but” or “however”, listen to what others have to say and be generous with praise

Never step on someone else’s rope. Most riggers care deeply for their rope and are very particular about it. Treating it with respect is expected, and stepping on it is truly rude and disrespectful

As you are not to step on someone else’s rope, you should also not touch it without asking for permission first. Even if you are driven by the good intention of helping tidy it up, you should always check with the rope owner if it is ok to touch it

Don’t get too intimate with a model or partner, more intimate contact may be appropriate at times however permission should not be assumed or expected, it must be humbly asked for and the answer graciously accepted whether it is positive or not

In the event that rope has been applied to a bottom or model without knowing they have a partner or without permission, apologise immediately to clear the air

If a problem occurs with another dojo member, work to clear the air as soon as possible, if need be ask the teacher to mediate, do not bring others into any conflict you may have, that you are involved with another is trouble enough

We are all human, we all make mistakes and we all need to be nurtured, respect your fellow humans whatever their race, culture or sexuality, accept their shortcomings and they will accept yours


Don’t rush to false completion, of a tie or education, skills must be learned over time, be patient

Once a tie is done, don’t make excuses for it’s shortcomings, accept the result with honesty and grace and determine to do better next time

Practice what you have learned, the class will more run more freely if everyone keeps up and the learning is more satisfying for everyone