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Date(s) - 05/03/2016
13:00 - 15:00

Sydney Rope Dojo


Lukas and SatomiDaddy is “The One”, the protector and mentor making his Baby girl the centre of his world. Daddy knows her dirty little secrets and her most private fantasies, making them a reality. He may spoil his Baby girl when she deserve it and punish her with a firm hand when she misbehaves.

Daddy knows best, because she tells him everything.

This workshop explores this unique erotic dynamic in which dialogue and communication is the key to success. The Daddy/Baby girl relation can only be possible with a great deal of trust and probably as much love. However, one also does it for the thrill of the forbidden, the fantasy of age play. As a baby girl, one seduces authority. One is terrified of it, yet so excited. There are fantasies of being pure, innocent again.

For the daddy, being allowed to have such control and the ability to use it, to abuse it, creates a strong sexual attraction.

This workshop will explore this dynamic and its many aspects, from “Vanilla with a twist” to more “Authoritarian and Sadistic” – this is after all, a matter of personal choice, desire and freedom.


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