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Date(s) - 28/11/2015
12:00 - 16:00

Sydney Rope Dojo


Sensual RopeLionne has been in and around the BDSM in Sydney, for almost 20 years (mainly as a submissive) and has been involved with Japanese Rope Bondage for the past 5, formerly for three years as Hebari’s rope partner to the present as a rope top, performer and educator.

As well as being key in the establishment and initial growth of the Sydney Rope Dojo and the first Sydney Rope Festival, Lionne has performed in Japan and around Australia, has a passion for the connection, eroticism and sexuality that’s expressed in Japanese Rope Bondage with a unique perspective. Lionne has held workshops and lessons with those who are seeking a different view of Shibari, from both a bottom and top role.

As a rope bottom, Lionne has attended classes along with Hebari, with Haijime Kinoko (Masterclasses), Osada Steve (Masterclasses), Esinem, Kazami Ranki, and Satomi, and has attended tuition as a rope top from Hebari, Otonawa, Hourai Kasumi and Satomi. Lionne took every opportunity to learn from rope bottoms from both Europe and Japan and she would like to pass on this knowledge as well as her personal experience in both rope and BDSM worlds to you. No experience is necessary from this workshop.

In this day long workshop the following is covered and more:-

  • Introduction to rope
  • Negotiation
  • Consent and RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink)
  • Expectation setting for tops and bottoms
  • Being comfortable in your skin and in rope
  • Questions to ask your rope top
  • Limits and sensitivities
  • Safety
  • Nerve Compression
  • Advice for public and private play,
  • Masochism in rope
  • Physicality and stretching (for all shapes and sizes)
  • Rope bottoming, submission and mental health
  • Communication and feedback
  • Rope bottom Kit
  • Rope bottom resources
  • Discussion and questions

The bondage style that this workshop is focussed on is Japanese Rope Bondage, however anyone interested in Western Bondage will also gain a lot from this workshop. Tops are also welcome attend in order to gain further perspective.

Note : While the style of the workshop will be interactive and inclusive, please also bring questions for this workshop, as the discussion section will be valuable for everyone involved. Hope to see you there. 🙂


Bookings are closed for this event.