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Date(s) - 05/12/2015 - 06/12/2015
10:00 - 17:00

Sydney Rope Dojo


Rope PerformanceThis weekend will focus on Yukimura Haruki sensei’s Newaza or caressing style of Shibari/Kinbaku.

As a child, Yukimura Haruki already had a great interest in Kinbaku.
As a young photographer Yukimura soon began using rope art in his work, and his resulting images and films became of a more erotic nature.
Over time Yukimura spent more time tying in front of a camera than actual photographing.

Today Yukimura is behind the production of at least 3000 Kinbaku films and several Kinbaku books of a very high standard.
In addition to his professional business, Yukimura also taught his friends how to communicate with their partner using rope only. Yukimura developed a unique binding technique, which today is known as Newaza.

In Japan, Yukimura is a highly respected Bakushi. A Bakushi is a rope artist, and a large number of Japanese Bakushi’er (those known in the West) have all passed through Yukimura’s gym.
In Japan, binding techniques are used to generate “shame” on the bound partner – Also called shuuchinawa. It is these special facial expressions characterized by humiliation and shame that the Japanese like – That’s why the undisputed king of shuuchinawa is Grand Master Yukimura Haruki.

Within the last 10 years Yukimura has allowed a number of westerners to obtain insight into these special techniques. In 2014 Hebari was taken on by Yukimura sensei as a named student and given the right to teach Yukimura style.

The workshop will take the students through:

  • Basic forms used by Yukimura Ryu
  • Maai – Timing and relative distance
  • Ma – Timing based on space
  • Suuchinawa – Rope that induces feeling of shame
  • Muganamwa – Tying selflessly
  • Using rope to connect with a partner
  • Sabaku – Fluidity
  • Urawaza – Hidden rope techniques
  • Ki energy
  • Moving the model fluidly on the floor

Due to the style depth of the class number are very limited.

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